Lounging Dangerously in my Almada Robe

Here’s my first finished garment of February 2016.

Please ignore the threads hanging from my robe. It’s not my finest work but I love it anyway. Also, look past the terrible photo quality, that’s what I get for taking photos with my Iphone in my tiny Brooklyn bedroom.

The Process

I sewed up my new Almada Robe in cotton from my stash. The body fabric is a print I picked up on a trip to Bali almost three years ago. I bought it in a period of my life when the only sewing I was doing was piecing quilt tops. As such, I only bought two meters. You might be thinking to yourself “but wait I thought the Almada Robe requires at least 2 1/2 yards, and that’s if you’re making an extra small.” Well yes, it does. In my case, I’m a little too buxom for an extra small, but because I’m stubborn, and plans are more important to me than good sense or following directions (and really wanted to use this fabric for a robe), I decided to try and make it work. So rather than use self-fabric for the cuffs and ties, I used a cobalt blue quilting cotton that I bought for an as yet in finished Tardis quilt (that’s a story for another day). I also dispatched with the center back seam, eliminating the need for the 5/8 inch seam allowance. Finally, I decided that I could/absolutely needed to leave off the seam allowances at the arm.

I made minimal fitting adjustments. I started with a large and graded out to an extra large at the hip. Given the ease in the garment and the lack of darts, I decided against an FBA.

Given that I didn’t follow the directions when cutting my fabric I decided that it would be silly to use them for the construction. It is worth noting, however, that the instructions were well written and comprehensive. Once I started sewing, I decided that rather than sew the back and front together both at the shoulder and along the side seam and then attach the cuffs, I would sew the shoulder and then attach the cuffs before finishing the side seam. In place of the recommended bias tape, I used a folded strip of quilt binding intended for the aforementioned Tardis quilt to finish the front edge. I added the ties as directed ( I can follow directions, I usually just find a reason not to). I’m still deciding whether to hem it given that I’ve developed a fondness for the the salvage edge of the fabric, and I left off the snap.

My Thoughts

I’m mostly thrilled with my robe. I would note that the ties pull across the hip, pulling the fabric so that it hangs most closely around the widest part of the body. It’s not tight on the hip per say, but if you are looking for something that accentuates the waist, this isn’t the right pattern for you. If I wanted to alter it so that it defined my waist, I’d probably shrink the arm whole and then add more length at the bottom.

At first, I was a little unsure about the fit, thinking that perhaps I had chosen the wrong size, but after looking back at the photos on the Seamwork website, it’s clear that it fits like it should. In fact, the cocoon shape grew on me as wore it around my apartment for my post-sew victory layabout. I like wearing it open, but it is making me feel like I need to make a coordinating set of pajamas.  I will definitely be bringing this robe on a dive trip to Key Largo in March.  It won’t make it on to the boat, but I’ll want it nonetheless.

If I made this again, I’d finish it with French seams, my limited seam allowances didn’t allow for that this time. I think this robe would make a lovely housewarming gift or a coverup for a new mom. I get the sense from my friends with infants that a washable cover-up with easy access is a nice thing to have on hand.


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